Season 1 Reward Pool - 1 ETH

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Verse War is only available on Desktop Browsers

Season 1 start date - 20/5/2023

- Verse War -

Core Goals for the Verse War (completed)

We will have 6 Major milestones to achieve our desired goals for the start of Verse War S1 in early 2023.


- Milestone 1 - Completed 2/9/2022

Metamask Wallet Interaction and security; 

This will include Verse Warrior holders being able to log into our Verse War game and see their assets within the game. This is one of the more complex milestones as security within crypto is important. This milestone will include updates to the GUI and game “feel” including scrolling and visuals.


Milestone Status:

Milestone 1 is COMPLETE and LIVE


- Milestone 2 - Completed 10/10/2022

Movement / Tile Occupancy & game round timer;

This milestone will allow players to place their assets at spawn points and movement of owned Verse Warriors.

This Milestone will also deploy the Game Round Timer which will allow players to move ever game round (24hours)


Milestone Status:

Milestone 2 is COMPLETE and LIVE

- Milestone 3 - Completed 7/2/2023

Combat Simulation / Testing

Combat simulation is an exciting milestone (3) for our team as we simulate the combat outcome via the stats of the Verse Warriors on contested tiles.
This milestone will plugin to the Verse War and will simulate combat at the end of round (23rd hour of the day) and then create a combat log(not currently visible to players) which will then display the combat as it played out

Milestone 3 is COMPLETE and LIVE

- Milestone 4 - Completed 20/5/2023

Milestone 4 is game play, bug fixing, GUI and testing in preparation for Season 1

Milestone 4 work Completed

Season 1 has now launched!